Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Interpersonal skills log unit

Last week Friday our class had to complete an obstacle course in pairs as one is blindfolded and the other is the guider who is guiding the blindfolded person by communicating on where he/she should move and step in order to pass the finish line.

Reflection what did i learn during this topic?
last term on all the activities we did weather it was as partners or teams i learnt how to put trust in another person or people, work well as a team with my team mates as well as getting to communicate with people who i didn't know and become friends,i also learnt to always bring my gear so i don't bring my class mates down for my wrong choice of actions and i also learnt to give anything and everything a try even though its scary hard or i just don't want to cause it looked dumb and boring but i never knew if i didn't try so yeah take the opportunity to try new things before you judge and well yeah i also learnt how to bound with some fellow class members and have a laugh with so yeah that's my reflection.