Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Interpersonal skills log unit

Last week Friday our class had to complete an obstacle course in pairs as one is blindfolded and the other is the guider who is guiding the blindfolded person by communicating on where he/she should move and step in order to pass the finish line.

Reflection what did i learn during this topic?
last term on all the activities we did weather it was as partners or teams i learnt how to put trust in another person or people, work well as a team with my team mates as well as getting to communicate with people who i didn't know and become friends,i also learnt to always bring my gear so i don't bring my class mates down for my wrong choice of actions and i also learnt to give anything and everything a try even though its scary hard or i just don't want to cause it looked dumb and boring but i never knew if i didn't try so yeah take the opportunity to try new things before you judge and well yeah i also learnt how to bound with some fellow class members and have a laugh with so yeah that's my reflection.


  1. Hi Tyrah, it must have been quite scary being guided through an obstacle course while blindfolded and having to put your trust in another for your safety. Also, as a guider it is a big responsibility to ensure the blindfolded person remains unharmed. You learnt lots of valuable skills as you wrote in your reflection which will no doubt help you face new situations in your life.

  2. Hello Tyrah,
    Thanks for sharing your reflections about interpersonal skills. You make a great point about giving things a go before you judge. Go you. I find that as I try things even if I am not confident then I get better at them which helps me build confidence. Someone once said “If a thing is worth doing, it is worth doing badly.” To me this helps me to think I can do something badly and then get better at it.

  3. Hi Tyrah

    It's good to see that you recognised all of the different skills that you brought together, challenged yourself to do, and ones that you could improve upon. Can you think about in what other circumstances some of these skills could be transferable to?